Sustainability in the floristry Industry

It is common knowledge that the floristry industry is not great for the environment. In fact Australia has been importing fresh flowers for over 45 years. Our Founders Rob and Nadina, have seen many changes in biosecurity regulations since they launched their first florist store nearly 20 years ago. Since then we have successfully operated the Flowers Across™ service you know and love with Flowers Across Melbourne and Flowers Across Sydney. In 2022 we are proud to announce the launch of Flowers Across Brisbane. We are excited to be delivering fresh flowers, plants and gifts in each major city up the East Coast of Australia. One of the most exciting things about the launch of our new warehouse is the chance to innovate processes to take a stand in the industry. From warehouse practices, sourcing produce and of course our gift packaging, Flowers Across Brisbane marks our first steps towards a Zero Waste Warehouse.

Our First Steps Towards a Zero Waste Warehouse

Our warehouse, Flowers Across Brisbane, offers same-day flower delivery to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, including Ascot, Bald Hills, Bellbowrie, Bardon, Boondall, Bridgeman Downs and Chermside in the Northside of Brisbane. And as thrilling as delivering Flowers Across Brisbane is, what has us most excited about the launch of our first steps towards a Zero Waste Warehouse. Flowers Across Brisbane marks a huge step in sustainable flower delivery, while still providing our customers with the same high quality, beautiful blooms and gifts they deserve and have come to expect.
The Flowers Across™ brand has been moving towards sustainable and eco friendly operations over the past 5 years. With the launch of the warehouse in Brisbane, the team were able to take the eco initiatives and expand them into an entire chain of the business.
“By changing the packaging to 100% recyclable and compostable, our customers can enjoy their beautiful flowers without any guilt about the plastic that they’re wrapped in” - Nadina (Co Founder)
Eco Friendly Florist
“Brisbane is a natural step of expansion for the Flowers Across team. We are excited to brighten up the shores of Brisbane with our fresh flower delivery service and our very first steps into adding zero waste emission products to our website,” - Rob (Co Founder)”

Sustainable Flower Bouquets & Arrangements

Guiding Flowers Across Brisbane and our eco-friendly practices is a principle we call Eco-Beautiful™.

Let’s break it down…


Once we have created your bouquet, we then grab an Eco Sponge bag. This sponge is actually 90% biodegradable! The sponge is dipped into water until soaked wet, and this is how your stems stay hydrated during transit. To keep that damp sponge secure, we then place the bouquet into another bag. The sheer outer bag is made from corn leaf that is 100% biodegradable.
Our eco efforts continue with the outer packaging on the bouquets. Our wrapping process involves the use of 100% recycled paper, with the inner wrap using earth-friendly dyes that maintain our standards without harming the environment.
The outer wrap is also recyclable, with a layer of hessian paper, which is made purely from plants. All of these aspects make the entire bouquet recyclable!
eco flower wrap process
Our Eco-Beautiful Process

Boxed arrangements

For our boxed arrangements. We replace foam bricks with Eco Foam called FibreFloral. This foam is a natural product based on volcanic basalt rock. These bricks won’t break down into micro plastics that damage our marine life and human life. This ‘foam’ is reusable too! Following use, you can break it up and use it to feed your plants.

The outer box for the boxed arrangements is a non printed cardboard box. We don’t print anything on the outside to make it easier to break down and recycle.

The Ribbon

Perhaps one of most prized discoveries was the creation of the eco-ribbon that completes both our boxed and bouquet arrangements. The ribbon is made from recycled water bottles diverted from landfill. The entire process is audited and certified by the Global Recycled Standard.

eco friendly ribbon

Our goal is to create a zero-waste flower experience where every bouquet and flower arrangement can be safely composted or reused. Plus, we aim to source our flowers and products from local makers, especially those who share our passion for sustainability in their products or packaging.

Flower Food

The Flower food that is provided with all of our bouquets uses recycled paper for its packaging, so once food has been added to water by the customer they can pop that wrapping into their normal recycling bin or into their home composting.
eco-friendly flower life preservation
Our Eco life preservation wrap

Supporting small business

We put our money where our mouth is. We love supporting small businesses and our Brisbane warehouse exclusively supports small businesses across Australia.We do this by sourcing locally made gifts exclusively. We want to help support local businesses, and each of our partner's have the same eco-conscious values as we do. It's a win win!

The Future

Flowers Across ™ plans to move its sustainability initiatives across each of the branches of the brand, including Sydney and Melbourne. Taking invaluable learnings from launching its first completely Eco Beautiful store, Flowers Across™ is setting the standard in keeping florists accountable for their carbon footprint. The Floristry industry has a bad rap for being terrible for the environment. However with these steps, the industry can start to make a positive change.

The team has also partnered with Good Empire and their Eco Initiatives to create the Flowers Across™ mission: to be an environmentally friendly and sustainable functioning business that values the community and the land around us.
Market Fresh Brisbane Flowers
Market fresh blooms delivered across Brisbane

Flowers Delivered in Brisbane

Whether you want to send a small ‘thinking of you’ gift, a thoughtful well being message or a grand romantic gesture, we can help you connect with friends and loved ones throughout Brisbane.
Enjoy curated collections of market-fresh, seasonal flowers, hand made to order by our talented florists. Sitting alongside locally grown green beauties that refresh spaces and boost moods and more tempting treats from our handpicked gift selection.
Receive live delivery tracking on all orders whenever you send flowers across Brisbane and Australia, plus same-day delivery when you order before 2pm. Order flowers online in Brisbane today with Flowers Across Brisbane.