Plants can enhance your surroundings and lift up your mood. It can boost air quality, encourage healthy eating, and improve environmental wellness. However, you must take good care of your plants for their better growth.

And how could you do so? Through the best plant care apps. Plant care applications are designed to provide individual care to plants. From watering to misting, these applications provide help with all the necessities for faster and better plant growth.

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These applications are exclusively designed for gardeners, aspiring gardeners, or people who consider planting to be their hobby. Not just that, they are also ideal for horticulturists, and even beginners who have just stepped into the planting world.

If you are into gardening too, you must be curious to know about these plant care apps. To help you out, today, we will be covering everything about plant care applications.

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What Are Plant Care Applications?

Plant care applications are designed to troubleshoot plant problems, identify new plants, and ensure good growth. It works as a helpful resource for foliage enthusiasts who often remain clueless about how to nurture their green babies. Whether you have the most popular Australian indoor plant like monstera or peperomia plant, the app will take care of it all.

These applications work as a wealth of knowledge for beginners or for those who want to become a professional in this field. They are designed for both iOS and Android devices to ensure easy operations for users. Not just that, they have exclusive features to keep all your houseplants alive.

Most plant care apps provide general care instructions, but some of them have a more focused approach. They are created with exclusive features to identify plant types and figure out why they are dying, along with several remedies/tips.

As covid19 saw a surge of plant purchases in Australia, the app market is witnessing more advanced functions in newly developed plant care apps. While a generic plant care app is useful for beginners, you can also try out niche-focused applications if you need answers to specific problems. So, they are worth trying out!

Why Are Plant Care Applications Important?

One of the main reasons why plant care applications are important for users is their intuitive features that ensure good plant growth. Not just that, these applications work as a life saviour for users with busy lifestyles who are growing plants in indoor spaces.

Plant care applications can also boost the confidence of beginners who are sceptical about growing instructions. It ensures that newbies are walking the right path and providing the nurture that the plants need.

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Some of these applications can help gardeners to identify the plant types that they aren't aware of. They have innovative features like light sensors to gauge the level of light available for growing plants. Besides that, their features also include social media integrations to deliver a seamless experience to the gardeners.

Additionally, plant care apps prevent any misguidance. As you must know, today, social media platforms are filled with rumours and trends that could be damaging to plants.

From watering through the ice to using hydrogen peroxide, the list could be never-ending. Plant care apps dismiss such measures and guide you through the right plant care path.

Examples of Plant Care


Let's understand some functions or uses of the best plant care apps with examples. Suppose you are in a garden with diverse plant varieties. You want to find out about one of the varieties, but you can't recognise it. In such cases, you can use plant identification apps.

Most plant care apps are integrated with a feature where you simply need to click the picture of the plant, and it will provide you with all the information about the same. These applications also offer other innovative features, where you can instantly identify any disease infestations on your plant.

Say you have a Maggie plant at home, and suddenly, you notice some grey mould and black spots on its leaves. You know it's a disease, but you do not know how to prevent it from spreading. What do you do in such a situation?

In such a case, you can use your plant care app to click the picture and identify the disease. It will inform you about the condition that the plant is suffering along with the cause, prevention, and remedies to fix it. That way, it will prevent your plant from dying and save it from disease infestation.

White Peace Lily Plant

Plant care apps can also assist you with general caring instructions. Suppose you have a peace lily plant at home, but you didn't know that it needs pruning at the base. In such situations, you can use the plant care apps to get relevant information for peace lily care, including its pruning, fertilising, and other requirements.

5 Best Plant Care Apps/Plant Identification Apps

Now that you know what plant care apps are and how they work, let's learn about some of the best plant care apps to ensure good plant growth. These apps have been a favourite among many gardeners, horticulturists, and beginners for their exclusive features and benefits:


Planta is the most trusted and dedicated plant care/identification app that helps users to look after their plants. It provides accurate planting strategies (according to the plant species) and notifications to guide the grower through the right planting activities.

The application offers an in-depth plant-keeping guide that familiarises users with everything. Whether it's selecting the pot type or its location, you can access all details at your fingertips.

You just need to provide major details to the app as per your preferences, and it will handle things accordingly. The best thing about Planta app is that it saves data and offers custom guides with instant tips/tricks.

Moreover, it's easy to use. You just have to download the application, scan your plant, and add details, routines, care alarms, temperature, light, etc. It also comes with an identification feature to scan old or new species and get important details that can keep the plant healthy.

Price: Free for the basic version; $7.99 monthly for the premium version
Available on: Android and iOS
Developer: Strömming AB
App Category: Lifestyle


As the application claims itself to be, PlantSnap is the plant expert at your fingertip. It is a high-tech and comprehensive plant identification app that can provide you with instantaneous and accurate results.

PlantSnap can identify 90% of all plant species and trees. It has over 600,000 plant species in the database and works literally anywhere across the world.

The application is quite intuitive to use. You just need to click the photo of the plant, and the app will instantly tell you the species. The entire process takes about seconds!

The concept of PlantSnap came after the founder of the application was traipsing a friend's backyard. He then wondered how to identify the plants that they come across. That's when he decided to resolve the problem by creating the app.

Moreover, the best thing about the app is that it gives you complete information about the plant's classification taxonomy. It also offers an augmented reality experience and allows you to save your favourite plants and snaps to review later.

PlantSnap has 42 million downloads with 1 million snaps per day and 475 million total snaps so far.

Price: Free subscription: $2 monthly
Available on: Android and iOS
Developer: PlantSnap, Inc
App Category: Education


Gardenia is an outstanding gardening application that provides relevant botanic information and gardening tips for over 90,000 species. It's designed with useful functions to ease your gardening tasks and ensure long-term sustenance.

The app allows you to browse over 2000 plant species databases and get relevant information about sun exposure, watering, fertilisation, soiling, and much more.

watering plants from watering can

It also comes with a gardening manager to save the plants on the list and schedule gardening tasks easily.

Thanks to its intuitive notification system, you can instantly get reminded when it's gardening time. Soon, the app is going to launch a weather monitor feature where it will provide you with gardening-based weather information like temperature, rain, and humidity.

Price: Free
Available on: Android and iOS
Developer: Alga
App Category: Lifestyle


Blossom app is often called a reliable plant care guide and pocket plant identifier. It can help you recognise the plants, succulents, or flowers by pictures and provide how-to guides/care tips about the same.

The app is designed with advanced features to offer plant care information on watering, pruning, propagating, fertilising, light requirements, and other relevant details. It also provides care reminders where you can get notified when it's time to fertilise, water or repot the plants. You can also create reminders as per the plant's specific needs.

To use the app, you just need to take a snap of the plant or upload its picture from the gallery. You can also try out the multi-snap mode to upload multiple images for accurate identification. With 12,000 species in the database, it will identify the plant instantly!

An interesting feature of the app is the plant disease ID, where you can simply snap the plant to get the diagnosis. If the plant looks healthy, the app will remove any potential causes of illness and inform you.

Similarly, if it requires some care, it will tell you the issue and how you can care for it. The app will give you an in-depth knowledge of everything, starting from the disease to how you can treat it.

Some other features of the app include virtual care assistant, a water calculator, customisable weather alerts, guides, a botanist hotline, and so much more.

Price: Free; in-app purchases ($0.99 to $29.99 per item)
Available on: Android and iOS
Developer: Alga
App Category: Education


Vera is an intuitive and useful plant care management app that makes the process simple. It offers diverse features where you can create a schedule with watering reminders and fertilising follow-ups. It allows you to track the plant's progress and ensure its lasting growth.

The app can help you create profiles for your plant with details like name, adoption date, and pictures. You can simply log all the plant care activities and monitor your garden accordingly.

With Vera, you can easily document your journey and learn new skills. You can journal everything, whether it's the new sprouting leaf, pests, or anything that happens to the plant. Likewise, you can learn about repotting, trimming, and other plant care tips/tricks.

Currently, the app makers are working on new style updates on plant profile screens, filters, and search. They are likely to polish the notification system as well.

Price: Free
Available on: Android and iOS
Developer: Bloomscape, Inc.
App Category: Lifestyle

Final Words

Hopefully, now you know everything about the best plant care apps of all time. To get the best out of these apps, make sure it's updated to the latest features. Such updates will offer a seamless experience and better overall care for your plants.

Besides using the plant care apps, make sure to emphasise more on its growing conditions. You must offer adequate sunlight, water, moisture, air, nutrients, and temperature to the plants. Once you have all these things, you are good to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Best Plant Care App?

Although it depends on plant type and it's requirements, for overall plant care, the best plant care app is Planta.
  • What Plant Apps are Free?

All of the above-mentioned plant care apps are free. But, for some apps, you can pay for the premium version and try out some exclusive, useful, and additional features for extra care.
  • What is the Best Free App for Plant Care?

Almost all free plant care apps are best for good plant growth. You need to research and check which ones match your plant care requirements. From the above-mentioned list, Blossom has good reviews on both Play Store and Apple store.
  • Is There an App that Can Tell Me What Is Wrong With My Plant?

To identify any disease or problem with the plant, you can download any plant disease identifier or plant care app. From the above-mentioned apps, Blossom has a plant disease ID where you can snap and identify what's wrong with the plant.