For centuries, various cultures have used dried flowers as a token of love and appreciation. These days, they remain to be popular gifts for different occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and even weddings. It’s no wonder why Transparency Market Research forecasted the preserved flower market size to grow to $272.32 million by 2031. So, if you want to hop on the trend, you need to know where to buy the dried flowers Brisbane residents always choose.

There are many reasons why dried flowers are becoming more and more popular. Besides being a great gift that anyone can appreciate, dried blooms are also perfect as decorations. What’s more, many flower delivery Brisbane services offer them year-round.

Before you purchase the dried flowers Brisbane locals recommend, make sure you read through this post. We’ve put together this article to give you a comprehensive guide about these beautiful blooms. We’ll share everything you need to know about dried flowers, including the occasions they are most suitable for.

dried flowers
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When Will You Need Dried Flowers Brisbane Delivery Services?

There are many decorative uses for dried flowers, which is also why they are perfect as gifts for special occasions. Here are some of the events that make these stunning blooms an ideal present:


In 2005, researchers from Rutgers University analysed how recipients respond to different types of gifts. Those who received flowers unanimously reacted with a Duchenne smile. According to psychologists, this type of smile can be an indicator of genuine enjoyment. So, if you want your special someone to feel pure bliss on their birthday, take advantage of flower delivery Brisbane services.

You can even give them something that they can keep for a long time. With the dried flowers Brisbane residents love, you can show that your appreciation or love is long-lasting.

You can express this by gifting your loved one with our Peach Dried Bunch bouquet. This beautiful arrangement is adorned with gum, sea holly, hydrangea, Ruscus, bunny tails, emu feather fern, and mountain daisies. In Japan, hydrangeas are associated with heartfelt emotion. So, this bouquet is the perfect way of saying that you are genuinely happy that your loved one was born.

Peach dried bunch


No wedding is complete without flowers. Certain types of blooms are perfect as bouquets while others are most appreciated as table centrepieces. It’s safe to assume that couples already arranged their wedding decorations. However, you can never go wrong with gifting them with a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers. Keep in mind that every flower denotes a specific message. So, conduct some research before choosing what to give to your friends.

For instance, you can give the couple our joyful Summer Meadow bouquet. The arrangement includes lovely bleached Ruscus, sun-cut palm, white hydrangea, mountain daisies, misty, sea holly, emu feather, and cute billy buttons. It is also adorned with cream scabiosa pods which represent pure love. This bouquet is perfect if you want to give a gift that radiates warmth and passion.

Summer Meadow dried flower bouquet

Valentine’s Day

According to research data from the National Retail Federation, flowers remain among the top gifts for Valentine’s Day. It’s not surprising that there’s always a spike in the sale and price of beautiful blooms during this event. After all, it’s an unspoken rule to give your special someone flowers on this occasion. While roses are usually the easiest option, you can take the unique route and opt for dried flowers Brisbane suppliers.

Of course, an adorable teddy bear, a piece of jewellery, and delicious chocolates are appreciated during this occasion. However, you can express your unending love and devotion by giving your special someone our Strawberry Fields bouquet. This floral arrangement is decorated with pink hydrangea, palm stems, preserved Ruscus, bleached fern, and beautiful foliage. With its vibrant, pink hues and crisp whites, you can bring long-lasting joy on Valentine’s Day.

Strawberry Fields Brisbane dried flower bouquet


A study from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev discusses how flowers function as social signifiers. In various cultures, flowers are meant to convey celebration. So, if you want to get into the holiday spirit, you can use flower delivery Brisbane services and send your loved ones beautiful dried blooms. Doing so tells your loved ones that you’re thinking about them. What’s more, you can add warmth and love to their home during Christmas.

Our Peach Dried Bunch is the perfect bouquet for the holiday season. This dried floral arrangement has stunning gum, sea holly, hydrangea, Ruscus, emu feather fern, mountain daisies, and bunny tails. Anyone can easily get into the cheerful spirit with the bouquet’s green and golden tones.


You can plan something grand for your anniversary, but the celebration won’t be complete without a beautiful floral bouquet. Now, some couples prefer a practical gift. The beauty of dried flowers is that they can last for several years and can even be recycled as home décor. With the dried flowers Brisbane locals recommend, your special someone can have a constant reminder of your love and appreciation.

With our Blue Heaven dried flower bouquet, you can enjoy paradise on earth for your anniversary. The arrangement comes with whimsical ostrich feathers, baby blue hydrangea, and periwinkle billy buttons. Pair this wonderful dried floral bouquet with chocolates and jewellery to make your anniversary gift unforgettable.

Blue Heaven dried flower arrangement

Saying Good Luck

We often turn to flower delivery Brisbane services when we want to send blooms to congratulate our loved ones. It’s always best to celebrate a big promotion or graduation with a bouquet of flowers. However, what about the moments that lead to a major or minor milestone? How do you cheer on your friend, relative, or special someone?

Well, what better way to say “good luck” than to send our Blushing Charm dried flower bouquet? This stunning arrangement comes with hydrangea, dried palm, ethereal emu feather, asparagus fern, Ruscus, and lotus pods. As its name suggests, this bouquet can be a great way to wish the best of luck to your loved one.

Blushing Charm dried flowers bunch

Reconnecting with Friends

A study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence found that during the pandemic, many young adults were able to adapt to emotional challenges. They were able to do so by keeping in touch with their friends. Indeed, companionship is important for our emotional and mental health. So, despite your busy schedule, you should find ways to stay connected with your friends.

Can’t find time to visit your friend? Well, the easiest way to say “hi” is by sending them a bouquet of dried flowers Brisbane locals recommend. Follow that up with a phone call so that you can tell them that you’re thinking about them. In some cases, something as simple as our Natural Beauty Bouquet is enough to say that you care. This gorgeous arrangement has whimsical Dried spinning gum, misty, and accents of natural billy buttons.

Natural Beauty dried Brisbane bouquet

Inspiring Creativity

Because of the pandemic, we need to make an extra effort in making our days a little brighter. If you’re feeling glum or you need a motivation boost, send yourself the beautiful dried flowers Brisbane residents recommend. With an aesthetically pleasing floral arrangement, you can improve your mood and increase your productivity. According to a Human Spaces report, having flowers or plants around your workplace can increase your creativity by 15%. You can even raise your productivity by 6%

The perfect arrangement for inspiring creativity is our Feelin’ Peachy bouquet. This stunning arrangement is a combination of fresh and dried flowers, making it one of the sweetest bunches around. You’ll have pink carnations, chrysanthemums, ruffled stock, pink roses, baby’s breath, and dried natural spear palm foliage.

Feelin Peachy dried floral arrangement

Keeping Traditions Alive

We easily forget how special some seemingly ordinary days are. For instance, because we go to family dinners every Sunday, we fail to see them as important events. If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that moments spent with loved ones should be cherished. Tomorrow is never promised.

So, if you want to turn an ordinary gathering into something special, you should mark the occasion with flowers. Are you visiting your parents this weekend? Perhaps, you’re going on your annual girls’ trip or having brunch with a friend. Whatever the event is, giving beautiful blooms is a great way to make your loved one feel special.

For keeping traditions alive, we recommend getting our Everlasting Beauty bouquet. This lovely arrangement has some of the prettiest native flowers in Australia. It is adorned with native spinning gum, emu feather, Ruscus, hydrangea, wheat, and palm. Bringing this alluring bouquet will definitely transform any ordinary event into something special and memorable.

Everlasting Beauty flower bouquet

Why Should You Get the Dried Flowers Brisbane Locals Love?

According to a study conducted by Rutgers University, flowers can affect moods positively. The study revealed that participants who received flowers felt a higher sense of life satisfaction and enjoyment. So, if you want to make someone happy today, you should take advantage of a flower delivery Brisbane service.

However, we all know how frustrating it is to be unable to extend the life of beautiful blooms. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem—opting for dried flowers. Here are some of the reasons why you should get them for yourself or as a gift for a loved one:

Dried Flowers Last A Long Time

When you get the dried flowers Brisbane locals recommend, make sure you care for the bouquet correctly. Here at Flowers Across Brisbane, we only provide high-quality preserved blooms. So, with proper care, they can last for several years.

Having a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers on your dining table is certainly a feast for the eyes. However, if you’re not a fan of replacing blooms every week, then they’re not the ideal option for you.

Well, you’ll find dried flowers to be a game-changer. They’re great as gifts, styling elements, and home décor. If you want to make the most out of your purchase, make sure you go through our flower delivery Brisbane FAQs. You’ll know all the important details about our delivery schedule, costs and coverage.

Dried Flowers Are Always Appreciated

There are many good reasons why dried flowers are popular these days. For one, they make perfect gifts for any occasion. These past few years, we’ve learned how difficult it is to show our loved ones that we care about them. Thankfully, having access to flower delivery Brisbane services has changed the game.

The great thing about dried flowers is that they bring joy not only to the recipient but also to the sender. They’re like a gift that keeps on giving. Your loved one will appreciate the gesture. At the same time, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you’ve made someone’s day.

Dried Flowers Require Minimal Maintenance

According to research conducted during the height of the pandemic, 7 in 10 millennials call themselves a “plant parent.” However, 67% of them said that they found caring for plants more challenging than they expected. We can easily join the bandwagon and purchase some indoor plants or herbs. However, we get frustrated when they wither away so quickly when we forget to report or water them in time.

Another thing you’ll love about dried flowers is that they require minimal maintenance. Once you get them, you can place them in your favourite spot in your house. You don’t have to water, repot or trim them. All you need to do is stare at your dried flowers with delight and admiration.

Dried Flowers Bring Great Value for Your Money

In general, dried flowers are more expensive than their fresh counterparts. You might wonder why this is so. While the prices of these flowers vary from shop to shop, they always cost more than regular floral arrangements.

However, let’s look at the costs from a different perspective. Let’s say you bought a bouquet of fresh flowers for around $60. If the bunch lasts for ten days, then you’ve paid $6 per day. Meanwhile, let’s say you spent $100 on the dried flowers Brisbane residents recommend. If the bouquet lasts for two years, then it means you’ve paid $14 per day!

Indeed, dried floral arrangements cost more. However, since they last longer, you’re getting the best value for your money.

Dried Flowers Are Incredibly Stunning

Obviously, one of the reasons why dried flowers are popular these days is because of their awe-inspiring beauty. You can easily bring character and vibrance to any dull-looking room just by adding a bunch of dried blooms. Just like their fresh counterparts, dried flowers come in many colours, shapes, and sizes. When you turn to Flowers Across Brisbane, you’ll even find a comprehensive collection of arrangements.

We take great joy and pride in designing aesthetically pleasing dried floral creations. Of course, we want to share this experience of bliss with the world, especially to you. Some of our favourite dried flowers in our collection include Ruscus, hydrangea, palm fronds, emu feathers and more! We always find ways to arrange these beautiful flowers into something that inspires creativity and joy in our clients.

Dried Flowers Are Sustainable

If you value sustainability, then you will love buying dried flowers. They are 100% biodegradable and natural. So, they present little to no harm to the environment. These stunning blooms are eco-friendly, especially since they leave a low carbon footprint. Also, since they last longer, they are not as wasteful as their fresh alternatives which can only last for around two weeks.

dried field flowers
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Dried Flowers Are Versatile

As we’ve mentioned, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of dried flowers when you browse through Flowers Across Brisbane’s site. What’s more, the ways you can use these stunning blooms are virtually endless.

Aside from displaying them in a vase, you can also turn them into a wreath or a wall décor. Here are other creative ways you can use dried flowers:
  • Flower framing and pressing
  • Décor for your phone case
  • Degradable confetti
  • A decorative addition to your bath salts

Aside from repurposing the flowers, you can also change up the arrangement. Over time, you can add more blooms or accents to the bunch. As the style of your room evolves, you can also transform your dried flowers accordingly. If you get tired of the colours of your current floral arrangement, you can purchase more dried stems to update your existing design. Because dried blooms are long-lasting, you can transform it to match any season.

Dried Flowers Are Available Year-Round

You don’t have to wait for summer or spring to get your favourite flowers. Here at Flowers Across Brisbane, we have dried blooms available throughout the year. No matter what look or vibe you’re going after, you don’t have to search for so long to get what you want. What’s more, you can bring joy to anyone by giving them the dried flowers Brisbane locals recommend any time of the year.

Dried Flowers Brisbane FAQs

Q: How long do dried flowers last?

A: In general, dried flowers can last for a year. However, here at Flowers Across Brisbane, we offer premium quality blooms. With proper care, our stunning dried flowers can last for up to two years.

Q: What does a dried flower symbolise?

A: Here are some of the things that dried flowers represent:
  • Longevity
  • The beauty of fleeting life
  • Unconditional and undying love
  • Death, rebirth and renewal

Q: Are dried flowers toxic?

A: At Flowers Across Brisbane, we use chemicals that are non-carcinogenic and non-toxic.

Q: Is it good to keep dried flowers?

A: Since dried flowers last for a long time, it would only be reasonable to keep them. Besides, you can repurpose them as home décor, potpourri or even as organic confetti.

Q: Why are dried flowers expensive?

A: Because they have been processed to last longer, dried flowers are generally more expensive than their fresh alternatives. However, you can always expect the best value for your money because of their longevity.

Where to buy the dried flowers Brisbane residents recommend

Indeed, nothing tells someone that you care about them like the gift of dried flowers. You can never go wrong with these lovely blooms because many people appreciate them. They’re the gift that keeps on giving because anyone can keep enjoying them for a long time.

No matter what the occasion, you can always turn to Flowers Across Brisbane to get stunning dried flowers. Our eco-beautiful blooms are hand made to order by our talented florists. We strive to make it easier for our clients to celebrate special occasions or make their loved one’s day.

We also offer same-day delivery across Brisbane. As long as you order before 2pm, you can expect your lovely dried flowers within the day.